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Basilicata is located in southern Italy and is divided into two provinces: the regional capital Potenza and Matera. The region of Basilicata, also known as Lucania (an official name from 1932 to 1947), used to be a region with different borders, covering a large part of the current region.
It borders Puglia to the north and east, Campania to the north and west, Calabria to the south, the Tyrrhenian Sea (Gulf of Policastro) to the southwest and the Ionian Sea (Gulf of Taranto) to the southeast. 

The area of Basilicata is predominantly mountainous and hilly with a small proportion of plains and has only one large plain: the Metaponto plain. The Pollino (Monte Pollino - 2,248 m) and Sirino (Monte Papa - 2,005 m) massifs, Monte Alpi (1,900 m), Monte Raparo (1,764 m) and the Maddalena mountain complex (Monte Volturino, 1,835 m) form the most important mountains of the Lucanian Apennines.
The climate of Basilicata varies from area to area; an important feature is that the region is exposed to two seas. The eastern part of the region is influenced by the Adriatic Sea, to which are added the orography of the area and the irregular height of the mountains. Despite this diversity, the region's climate can be described as continental, with Mediterranean characteristics only in the coastal regions. If you travel a few kilometers inland, the mildness is immediately replaced by a harsh and humid climate, especially in winter.

The city of Matera deserves a special mention: the city of Matera was named European Capital of Culture Heritage in 2019 and is the first city in southern Italy to receive this award. Matera is the city of the “Sassi” (stones), the original city center that developed from natural caves dug into the rock and was later shaped into increasingly complex structures within two large natural amphitheaters, the Sasso Caveoso and the Sasso Barisano. A visit not to be missed!

The only golf course in this central southern region is the Metaponto Golf Club in Metaponto (Matera). The 18-hole championship course is 6284 meters long, par 72, SR 130 and is characterized by a very open layout with wide fairways and undulating greens interspersed with bunkers and ponds that offer exciting challenges.

The first holes run through the green of citrus groves, while the others are dominated by strategically placed olive trees. The course is also home to an old farmhouse that has been converted into a five-bedroom clubhouse. So why not combine a stay at this masseria with a visit to Matera before traveling to Puglia? Our sales team will be happy to advise you.

Matera, Città dei Sassi
Matera, Città dei Sassi
Matera, Città dei Sassi
Metaponto, teatro (Magna Grecia)
Metaponto, Tempio di Hera (Magna Grecia)

Map of Golf Clubs in the region

  1. Golf Club Metaponto
    Matera (Holes 18)


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