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Welcome to Sardinia, an enchanting island in the heart of the Mediterranean, ideal for golfers seeking an exclusive and unforgettable experience. With world-class golf courses and a wide range of cultural and natural attractions, Sardinia offers an extraordinary holiday for all golf enthusiasts.

Your journey cannot fail to begin with the discovery of the Nuraghi, ancient stone towers dating back to the Bronze Age that represent one of the most fascinating symbols of Sardinia. These unique monuments offer a window into the island's history and culture. The Nuragic complex of Su Nuraxi in Barumini, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the most important sites to visit to understand the mysterious Nuragic civilisation.

Neptune's Caves, located in the spectacular setting of Capo Caccia, are another natural wonder not to be missed. These sea caves, accessible both by sea and via a scenic flight of 654 steps (Escala del Cabirol), offer a fascinating exploration of stalactites and stalagmites, underground lakes and breathtaking scenery. A visit to the Grotte di Nettuno (Neptune's Caves) will leave you with an indelible memory of Sardinia's natural beauty.

Continue your journey to the Baia di Chia, one of Sardinia's most beautiful and renowned seaside resorts. With its fine white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and breathtaking dunes, Chia is the ideal place to relax after a day of golf. Explore the hidden coves, snorkel in the clear waters and enjoy the unique panorama of this enchanting bay.

For an even more exclusive experience, visit the Maddalena Archipelago, a group of islands located in the north-east of Sardinia. This natural paradise, characterised by turquoise waters and pristine beaches, offers opportunities for boat trips, diving and walks among spectacular landscapes. The main island, La Maddalena, and the neighbouring island of Caprera are perfect for a day of exploration and relaxation.


Map of Golf Clubs in the region

  1. Golf Club Is Molas
    Cagliari (Holes 27)
  2. Golf Club Puntaldia
    Sassari (Holes 9)
  3. Is Arenas Golf
    Oristano (Holes 18)
  4. Pevero Golf Club
    Sassari (Holes 18)
  5. Tanka Golf Villasimius
    (Holes 18)


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