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Italy ➜ Piemonte

Literally "at the foot of the mountains", it is divided into the famous hilly south with wine-growing areas, the Po Valley with the capital Turin and the Alpine region around Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta. In this area of tension between the mountain freshness and the emerging south, Etruscans and Greeks left important historical sites. The former Benedictine abbey Sacra di San Michele in the Susa Valley is considered a monument of Piedmont. A cross-section of the cultural diversity of the region is offered by the unesco World Heritage Sites, such as the residences of the House of Savoy in and around Turin, the chapels of the Sacri Monti and prehistoric pile dwellings.

Whether in search of truffles in Alba, in Turin's antiquities museums, in the vine-clad hills of the Langhe or on the shores of Lago d'Orta: Piedmont is a treasure trove of sensory impressions. At the foot of the local mountain Monviso, the "King of Stone", rises the Po, which many call the Mississippi of Italy. The famous wines Barolo, Barbera and Barbaresco thrive in this area. And Monte Rosa towers above it all.

Speciality of the region: Torcetti, the sweet version of grissini, originally baked in the village's communal oven while it was brought to operating temperature for baking bread.

Palazzina di Caccia Stupinigi
Palazzina di Caccia Stupinigi
Mole Antonelliana, Torino
Piazza Castello, Torino
Palazzo Reale, Torino
Sacra di San Michele

Map of Golf Clubs in the region

  1. Circolo Golf Torino - La Mandria
    Fiano (Holes 36)
  2. Golf Club Alpino di Stresa
    Verbania (Holes 9)
  3. Golf Club Asti
    (Holes 18)
  4. Golf Club Biella "Le Betulle"
    Magnano (Holes 18)
  5. Golf Club Bogogno
    Bogogno (Holes 36)
  6. Golf Club Boves
    Cuneo (Holes 18)
  7. Golf Club Castelconturbia
    Agrate Conturbia (Holes 27)
  8. Golf Club Cavagliá
    Biella (Holes 18)
  9. Golf Club Cherasco
    Cherasco (Holes 18)
  10. Golf Club Girasoli
    Torino (Holes 18)
  11. Golf Club I Ciliegi
    (Holes 9)
  12. Golf Club Il Mulino Cerrione
    Biella (Holes 9)
  13. Golf Club La Margherita
    Poirino (Holes 18)
  14. Golf Club Sestrieres
    Torino (Holes 18)
  15. Golf Club Villa Carolina
    Castelletto d'Orba (Holes 36)
  16. Golf Colline del Gavi
    Tassarolo (Holes 27)
  17. Golf des Iles Borromées
    Brovello Carpugnino (Holes 18)
  18. Golf Valcurone
    (Holes 18)
  19. Le Fronde Golf Club
    Avigliana (Holes 18)
  20. Margara Golf & Country Club
    Fubine Monferrato (Holes 36)
  21. Royal Park Golf I Roveri
    Fiano (Holes 36)
  22. Serravalle Golf Club
    (Holes 9)


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