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Italy ➜ Liguria

This colourful and flowery region of northern Italy is one of the most visited regions in Italy and in the world. 

From the French border (Ventimiglia) to the Tuscan border (La Spezia), there are beautiful towns to visit, with the typical houses and the quiet rhythm of the countryside, with the typical architecture of the rural villages, often of medieval origin, varying from west to east. There are small, rocky beaches, like those of the Cinque Terre, or long sandy beaches like in Alassio. In addition, the entire hinterland, with its medieval villages like Triora, is a hidden treasure that holds a new surprise at every turn. This region is characterised by splendid landscapes rich in natural beauty, with the combination of land and sea making the diversity of ecosystems in its territory particularly heterogeneous. 

The climate, mild and pleasant all year round, has always been considered one of the best in the Mediterranean, which historically made Liguria one of the favourite "wintering grounds" of the European noble families and a region of beautiful, lush gardens.

In a few words: Liguria is worth a visit!

Linguria - Cinque Terre
Linguria - Vernazza
Liguria - Cinque Terre
Liguria - Portofino
Liguria - Genova
Liguria - Villa Nobel
Liguria - Genova, cimitero monumentale di Stalieno


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